Equilibrium Pensions

International Pensions

Equilibrium Pensions Specialises in the creation and cost effective administration of pensions tailored for South Africans who are or have worked outside South Africa and who wish to enjoy the flexibility of knowing that they may retire wherever they wish, and if they retire in South Africa to enjoy the benefits of their pensions in a wholly tax free environment.

Some of the key features in the use of EPL's International Pension Schemes are:

  • Flexibility on Employer contribution levels
  • Flexibility on drawdown
  • Zero tax on benefit withdrawls
  • IHT advantages
  • Ocupational and Personal Schemes available

The flexibility of International Pensions Schemes means that there are many different circumstances in which they can provide a solution to the needs of a corporation or individual. These include:

Pension Schemes can be established for international companies whose workforces are in several jurisdictions and who wish to take advantage of the economies of scale and ability to have one pension scheme in one jurisdiction. Locating offshore pensions from many jurisdictions in one place, and for long periods by one well regarded and independent provider and administrator should lead to administrative cost savings, as well as providing stability.
Pension Schemes for small companies who wish to establish a bespoke occupational pension scheme for one or more of their key executives with the ability to direct that any surplus fund after death can be directed into a trust or other similar arrangements.
Pension Schemes for individuals who wish to establish a flexible bespoke pension in a well-regulated environment. There is no need for pension plans to follow the executive as he pursues his or her career in differing overseas localities for the same employer.

Both International Corporate and Personal Pensions have the following characteristics, which make them extremely attractive:

  • Ability to transfer existing assets which may have been accrued over the years into One scheme, over which Member has control
  • IHT advantages
  • Specific compliance with UAE Gratuity law
  • Recognised in States with Napoleonic legal system e.g. France & Spain
  • Assets grow free of tax, benefits delivered free of tax in all jurisdictions
  • Benefits received free of tax in some circumstances e.g. South Africa
  • Good value to set-up and administer and Specie transfers permitted
  • Flexibility with eligible investments; e.g. Property, Financial Investments, as well as Currency denominated
  • Freedom of investment choice by the Member (unlike insured alternatives)
  • No compulsory Annuity purchase required
  • Suitable for Expatriates
  • The employee can decide where he or she is to retire without prejudicing his or her final retirement location, by his or her choice of pension.
  • The employee does not suffer additional tax charges beyond whatever is the norm in his or her choice of retirement country.
  • The Pension is located in a Country with over 1,000 years of stable democratic Government, in a choice of currencies.