Equilibrium Pensions

Target Market

If you are:

  • a Company with overseas offices to which executives are frequently seconded.
  • a recent arrival in the Isle Of Man with considerable pension assets accrued over a long career.
  • an Individual working for a Company whose work entails secondments to overseas offices.
  • an Individual with considerable net assets who is considering moving offshore, to the Isle Of Man or
  • thinking of retiring early, or
  • seeking flexibility in pension management without a mandatory requirement to purchase an annuity.
  • a South African citizen moving away from home but intending to retire to RSA.
  • an expatriate working away from the UK with pensions frozen or locked in, in the UK.
  • an expatriate who has been working abroad for more than 10 years.
  • a South African national currently working away from South Africa.

Equilibrium Pensions may have the pension solution you require.